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When it comes to plumbing, we do it all. We offer top-tier plumbing services as your San Marcos Plumbers!

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    San Marcos Plumber Drain Repair

    Professional San Marcos Plumber

    It’s what’s inside that counts. No, really – this is especially true for your home. While beautiful finishes and fancy furniture are exciting, the bones of your home make it safe and maintain its longevity. One of the most essential systems of your home is the plumbing.

    Plumbing refers to the transfer of waste, water, and gas to and from your home. It’s an intricate system that requires seasoned and experienced San Marcos Plumber professionals. Our plumbing in San Marcos reinforces the bones of your home.

    Full-Service Plumbing in San Marcos

    When it comes to your plumbing, you deserve a team that can do it all. We offer various services to care for your home, from minor mishaps to major system failures.

    Staying on top of any leaks is the best way to be responsible for your home. What may seem like a minor problem can quickly result in thousands of dollars worth of damages and pricey water bills. If you think something isn’t functioning correctly, getting it assessed as soon as possible is best.

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    Why Moore Plumbing and Drains

    We’re committed to making a splash in plumbing, San Marcos. We’ve gone the extra mile regarding our procedures and policies at Moore Plumbing and Drains. Many reasons make us a reputable and highly-trusted plumber in San Marcos, including:

    Lighting-Fast Emergency Services

    A plumbing emergency always happens when you least expect it, and they are rarely convenient. We offer around-the-clock emergency services 365 days a year and are geared up to tackle any issue when disaster strikes.

    Prevention is Our Goal

    We prioritize being proactive instead of reactive. Even when we are completing repairs, we work diligently to prevent any problems that may arise in the future. We help you avoid future disasters while maintaining your plumbing system’s longevity and integrity.

    Licensed and Insured

    All of our plumbers are licensed and insured. You can feel confident that anybody from the Moore Plumbing and Drains team will be ready to take on the job with accurate diagnoses, efficient speed, and superior workmanship.

    Eco-Friendly and Modern Products

    Modern Products Not only are we committed to the community of San Marcos, but we are also committed to the Earth. We stay current on the most high-tech products and use eco-friendly options when possible.

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    Our San Marcos Plumber Services

    When we say that we do it all, we mean that we do it all! You can trust that we’ll be there if you have any plumbing San Marcos problems (big or small).

    New toilet or sink? While many people can DIY fixture installations, having a professional do it often can be more convenient. Whether you have a single fixture that needs to be installed or if you are doing a renovation that requires many fixtures, we’re happy to help.

    We are well-versed in nearly all brands of garbage disposal – Badger, Moen, American Standard, Insinkerator, and more. You can count on us whether you need a repair or installation.

    Sump pumps are incredible products that can save your home from severe damage and flooding. Having a well-maintained sump pump is the key to the rainy season. We are experienced with both submersible and pedestal-mounted pumps.

    Backflow preventers or backflow valves are often required by law on many structures. These fixtures must be tested at least once a year to ensure proper working order. We provide necessary testing, repair, and installation.

    If you’ve noticed a leaky pipe, it’s time to call for reinforcements. We offer both pipe repair and repiping services for any water leak. If your system is becoming dated or eroded, we may recommend repiping to avoid costly damages down the road.

    A slab leak refers to a leak underneath your foundation. This can be catastrophic if left unattended for an extended period of time. If you’ve noticed that your outdoor foliage is constantly damp, you may have a slab leak.

    A leaky gas line can be highly detrimental to your health. We offer gas line repair and detection for any potential gas leak.

    Whether you need a water heater repaired, installed, or maintained, we can help. We are trained and experienced in both traditional and tankless water heaters. We can also assist you in choosing the best water heater for your needs.

    Clogged drains? We can clean those for you so your drains can empty properly. We use hydro jetting and other eco-friendly methods to dislodge any debris, grease, or gunk trapped in the sides.

    Roots can grow through your sewer lines and eventually penetrate your plumbing system. By using our high-tech and modern hydro jetting tool, we can blast through tree roots and help your pipes function correctly.

    Maintenance and Repair Plumbing San Marcos

    There are two instances where you’ll need a plumber, San Marcos: either for maintenance or repair.

    Plumbing Maintenance

    Providing routine maintenance for your system will help you avoid catastrophic failures and plumbing emergencies. Maintenance is a proactive measure to maintain your system’s integrity.

    Plumbing Repair

    You’ll need plumbing San Marcos repair when there are leaky pipes, gas leaks, or issues with your fixtures. Repair is considered a more reactive measure.

    DIY Maintenance Tips

    Before calling the professionals, there’s some maintenance you can do at home to make sure your plumbing system is in good shape. This includes:

    • Clearing blockages ASAP
    • Running cold water down the garbage disposal after use

    • Don’t put grease or sticky substances down the drain

    • Check under the sinks periodically for leaks

    • Note slow drainage in the sink or shower

    • Clear lint traps from the dryer after every load of laundry

    • Disconnect outdoor spigots before cooler months

    • Schedule inspections throughout the year

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    Do you need to book a plumber, San Marcos? Give us a call today! We’re happy to send one of our licensed and insured plumbers to assist.

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