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    Affordable Vista Plumber At Your Service

    A burst pipe, a gas leak, a water leak, or a broken hot water tank can all demand emergency services. We rely on our plumbing systems to do more than we even realize – until something goes unexpectedly wrong.

    Plumbing emergencies are always inconvenient. They can derail your entire day and leave you with cold water, a mess, or even worse: severe home damage. Moore Plumbing and Drains is your Vista plumber that offers 24/7/365 emergency services.

    Most Common Plumbing Vista Emergencies

    No matter the time of day or the day of the week, you can call us and know that we will be there when disaster strikes.

    Have you noticed the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs in your home? Have you noticed odd hissing sounds? You may have a gas leak. Gas leaks are hazardous. If you suspect a leak, immediately evacuate your family and pets from the home and call 911.

    Once you’ve called 911, call your #1 plumber Vista, CA: Moore Plumbing and Drains. We can come to diagnose the gas leak and fix it so you can re-enter your home safely.

    Pipes can burst from various causes. Most commonly, this can happen from excess water pressure. A burst pipe can result in damage to your home. Our team can provide pipe repair or replacement (when necessary).

    Imagine you’re taking a nice, hot, relaxing shower before bed, and suddenly, the unthinkable happens: the water goes ice-cold. You can assume that there’s an electric issue or a malfunction with your water heater. You’ll likely need an emergency water heater service to fix this problem!

    A sewer system backup is a highly messy (and smelly) plumbing catastrophe. Signs of a sewer system backup include: sewage odors from sinks, water pooling around drains, and gurgling toilets.

    Addressing a sewer system backup before it creates a big mess is critical.

    DIY tricks, such as a plunger, can help dislodge a clogged toilet. However, severe clogs can result in raw sewage backup and other serious consequences. If you cannot unclog the toilet on your own, it’s time to call the professionals.

    Vista Plumbing Company Sewer Repair

    How We Do It

    We are committed to efficiency, transparency, and exceptional service. Working with Moore Plumbing and Drains is as easy as 1-2-3.


    Call our office to book an appointment with our licensed and insured plumbers.


    We provide accurate quotes so you can budget for your plumbing services.


    We complete every job promptly while providing top-tier customer service and excellent workmanship.

    Residential and Commercial Plumbing Vista CA

    We provide plumbing services to both residential properties and commercial buildings in Vista, CA.

    Residential Plumbing Vista CA

    It’s essential to be proactive while caring for your home. Our residential plumbing services include both emergency calls and routine maintenance. Maintaining your system will help you avoid future problems and save you money in the long run.

    We can inspect your system to provide the insight you need to prevent mishaps. We aim to ensure you have a safe home with an effective plumbing system that consistently provides clean water and gas.

    Gas leak vista

    Commercial Plumbing Vista CA

    Commercial establishments require working plumbing systems to serve customers and employ staff. It’s essential to have everything work in tip-top shape. Our team at Moore Plumbing and Drains is to carry out any necessary repairs or replacements so you can return to running your business.

    Quality Vista Plumber Services

    Consider us your one-stop shop plumbing experts.

    Water Heater Service

    Don’t get stuck in the cold (water). We can install and repair all models of gas and electric water tanks. If you have questions about tankless water heaters, we can help.

    Water Leak

    By using CCTV camera inspections, we can identify where the leak is and repair or repipe blocked, leaking, or burst water pipes.

    Drain Cleaning

    Clogged drain? This can be caused by debris, grease, or build-up. We use eco-friendly tools and products to help dislodge any clogs.

    Leaking Taps

    A minor leak can drastically increase your water bill. Slash those bills with our highly-rated plumbing team.

    Fixture Installation

    New toilet, shower, or sink? Leave it to the professionals to install your new fixtures. We will get them installed quickly and correctly.

    Sump Pump

    Don’t get stuck with a flooded basement. We recommend installing a sump pump and having our professionals provide routine maintenance.

    Sewer Cleaning

    Avoid messy and smelly sewer backup with our sewer cleaning services. We can remove blockages and roots, so everything works efficiently.

    Water Softeners

    Transform hard water with our water softener services. Water softeners will remove hard mineral deposits, such as calcium and magnesium.

    Water Filtration

    Filter city water so it’s clean and safe to drink. City water can be full of harmful chemicals. We can install water filtration systems to clean your drinking water.

    Water heater installation vista

    Hot Water Tank FAQs

    This question is based mainly on the hot water tank’s usage, maintenance, make, and model. If you’ve noticed that your water is taking longer to heat up or isn’t reaching the same temperature, it might be time to replace the tank.

    Unusual noises coming from the hot water tank are often caused by sediment accumulation. We can fix this by flushing your water tank or installing a water softener in your home.

    Yes, they can. This can happen with gas water heaters. Because of this, it’s essential that they are correctly installed and maintained routinely. We also recommend having a carbon monoxide alarm installed in your home.

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